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Boost Your Trading Potential with Bullseye bonus offerings

Designed for New traders, the 20% rescue bonus program allows Trader to protect their accounts from unfavorable situations in the market and helping them in draw-downs.

This bonus cannot be lost and used as an additional margin. Our 20% rescue bonus program will be available for limited time only. Take advantage and trade larger volume to gain more profit with one of the highest bonus rates in the market. Take your first step into trading with our bonus to get ahead of everyone else. We are extending and improving our Deposit Bonus program for our valued clients.

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At BullsEye Markets, we are dedicated to serving our clients responsibly with the latest innovations in forex tools and resources to assist you in trading. Below we underline the active promotions, bonuses and special offers available to traders. To take advantage of one of the offers listed below, simply register for an account, if you do not have one yet, open with BullsEye Markets, and contact your account manager for more information.

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