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Analytics in Bullseye Partnership is a solution that will give you whole vision of what trading is going through. Analytics is done to keep tracking processes, which in return pays high profit . It includes account history, payouts detail, investment history, sub-affiliates chart and referral.

Sub-Affiliate Tier

Get full overview of what client's are attaining under you and which client's are lined up under you. Brief Statistics of what is working.

Transaction History

History of your transactions with partnership account will keep you updated of what your transactions and commissions are. Will let you uphold with the best possible trading criteria.

Quick Report

Quick and Simple analysis of your partnership account is must, as it will give you overview of what is happening. Get quick Partnership Account view with BullsEye Analytics solution.


Get history of the payouts that you have done trading with your partnership account.

Trend Reports

Trends are the latest search or latest things going on. Get Trend Report and start off with a vision of what is happening.


Get segmented and deeper view of trading processes through our charts. what you are doing, what you have come upto will all be judged and presented to you.

Affiliate Clicks

Get all commissions and transactions feeded to your affiliate account.

Trading Chart

Reading Chart is a knowledge that our traders have got trained in most. Figure out the partnership up's and down's with us and get your goals accomplished.

BullsEye has a partnership program that adapts your requirements. Partnership with Bullseye would be a great additon to your profit